A Season of Hopeless Football Changes to Excitement

The long hopeless season for the Detroit Lions is over. I mean to say the weekly NFL events scheduled for the Lions are over, the season was over long ago….it never began so it cannot end. And therein is the problem of the M&M era in Detroit, not even a glimpse of what could be. These M&M’s melt in your hand and not in your mouth unlike the candy-version’s opposite slogan. You can’t hold any hope in your hand, it melts away and these M&Ms stick in your craw and refuse to go away.

Contrast that to what fans of the New York Jets read in their morning papers today after the wildcard team blew out the Indianapolis Colts 41-0 yesterday.

I barely paid attention to the NFL this year, except for the games I bet an appetizer on with my buddy Dan. But when I heard the Jets backed into the playoffs last week by a combination of looses by excellent teams, they became my post-season team.

Meanwhile, in Detroit, Mat Millen was announcing that the owner of the Lions, Mr. William Clay Ford, had decided to keep Marty Mornenwheg on for another year. Why not, he has millions left on his last of a three-year contract. It’s a no lose proposition for Ford.

But imagine, just imagine if you can, what it must be like to be a Jets’ fan today. Backing into the playoffs and playing hungry, desperate, intense football in January. Can’t do it? Don’t feel bad, only years of practice (and living in New York and San Diego) have allowed me to loose the guilt of abandoning my hometown team in my heart.

Detroit actually improved their record this year by winning three games. Last time they were in the playoffs the team moped into Philadelphia and got trounced. I think the Eagles scored somewhere near 54 points or something like that.

“Life is too short, to be negative,” I always say. So, here’s my plan (but don’t tell Dan). I am henceforth and throughout the playoffs adopting the New York Jets as my team for the playoffs. I will bet appetizers on every game they play.

The Buckeyes took me from 9 in the hole to 4. The Jets will not only take me to a free tasty caloric state, but will satisfy my pent-up need to root for a team I can believe in.

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