Appetizer/Football update……..

From a previous post………..I barely paid attention to the NFL this year, except for the games I bet an appetizer on with my buddy Dan. But when I heard the Jets backed into the playoffs last week by a combination of looses by excellent teams, they became my post-season team.………..

“Life is too short, to be negative,” I always say. So, here’s my plan (but don’t tell Dan). I am henceforth and throughout the playoffs adopting the New York Jets as my team for the playoffs. I will bet appetizers on every game they play.

The Buckeyes took me from 9 in the hole to 4. The Jets will not only take me to a free tasty caloric state, but will satisfy my pent-up need to root for a team I can believe in.

UPDATE: After this, I adopted Tampa Bay…I had some ground to make up but had TB and the points for 6 appetizers (I was down five to Dan). I will strut into the office ONE APPETIZER TO THE GOOD and send Mr. S an email simply saying, “Neener, neener, neener…………”

Now read on below for the good stuff.

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