Working out and eating right: “No food tastes better than the feeling of being fit…..”

That’s a quote almost directly from the mouth of the best fitness trainer I’ve ever met: Jimmy V.

Jimmy V and I have a few things in common. We both, at one time (mine much more recent than his), were too overweight for our frames and have both experienced the fabulous entertainment of professional wrestling as part of our career. Jimmy actually wrestled in the WWF, so his involvement was much more direct than my covering Wrestlemania VII or VIIII (I can’t recall the numeral) at Ceaser’s Palace in Las Vegas in 1994.

I’ll write more about all of this later, but I’ve been back on a solid weight training and good eating regimen for the last two months — solid. Lost 15 pounds already and feel tops, I mean tops!!! Jimmi gave me a specific program today and encouraged me that it will have to modified as I go along and get stronger etc……..

I’ve restarted my lap-swimming regimen, burned lots of fat and am even getting my abs and back strong as they need to be again.

Lots of people confuse the lower abs with the groin. I will state this now: My regimen will never include the following!!!!!

Ananova – Man breaks record for smashing concrete with his groin

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