Did this thought roll around in your head yesterday, too?

Bounce, bounce, bounce, all day long, went a thought in my head as I went about the business of coordinating production plans for a major newspaper and lived my life. I tried to capture it at the end of my day in the posting below and wound up writing dozens of paragraphs off the cuff (that’s why my site is called Vinman’s Verbosity).

Simply put, I am not usually as concise as the best writers. I can be, it just never seems to turn out that way in my “creative” writing. But Joseph Duemer, a writer and professor at a university in New York got it in 102 words — the thought that I kept thinking in different ways all day.

So I share it with you…..it is brief, but deep and to the point — thanks Mr. Duemer……………………..

reading & writing The space shuttle Columbia has broken up over Texas, the crew instantly incinerated. While any death is to be mourned, what focuses our fascination is the dramatic structure of a public event. Anonymous deaths in Afghanistan, in Israel, in the Palestinian Authority, are no less worthy of mourning, but they remain largely invisible, or selectively visible. The paradox is that every human life must be accorded the same value, but even when we recognize this ethical imperative, certain lives become caught up in public dramas–Oedipus or Astronaut. If the drama is to serve human ends, we should keep this paradox in mind.posted by Joseph Duemer | 10:41 AM

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