Another gem pulled from the New York Post……

Below are the last few graphs from John Podhoretz’ column in the NY Post today…..another concise writing of thoughts that are rolling around in many folks’ heads today….enjoy!

NYPOST.COM Post Opinion: Oped Columnists: BECAUSE WE MUST By JOHN PODHORETZ Because of the space program, humankind is now literally transcendent. We are no longer bound by the terrestrial. Those seven astronauts died knowing that they saw things and experienced things that only a few dozen people of the billions upon billions to have been born since the beginning of time ever have.

In world-historical terms, these baby steps into space are the most significant advances in the story of humankind to take place in our time. Sadly, our exposure to a more advanced notion of space travel as portrayed in the special effects of a million science-fiction movies and TV shows has made us somewhat blasé about our actual present-day efforts.

But when we reflect on it, as we are all doing in the wake of the horrible disaster yesterday, we cannot but wonder at the fact that, for 15 days, six Americans and an Israeli took up residence in outer space. We barely noticed.

That is how much we take for granted the technological genius that surrounds us every day in a million different ways. President Bush remarked that “space travel has come to seem almost routine.”

The deaths of the seven astronauts reminds us there is nothing remotely routine about the wondrous and transcendent time we live in. That reminder is also part of the cause for which they died.

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