The Vibe……..

The light’s a bit too bright in “Laptop Central.” Sheila is sick, but working diligently on a group paper. I’ve been home all day and got lots done: a winter garage cleaning, put together some shoe cabinets for She, and many other small but needed chores. After six straight days of solid training (I should have rested yesterday), my body called a time-out physically and mentally. Didn’t feel like dealing with the “office talk” at the newspaper after coordinating it on the phone almost all weekend.

It’s raining out tonight and temps are near 40. But the warmth is deceiving as it is expected to get colder and snow a couple of inches overnight. That makes for treacherous driving, snow over ice, and we’re expecting 30-45 mph winds from the morning on. Any thoughts of an early warm up will be gone.

Watched a small amount of news today after the weekend barrage………..what else is there new to say? Television folks are just now expressing their thoughts, beat by the millions who shared them online and over the phone all weekend.

So why the energy level is high, my creative side turns away from writing about current events. I’ve been meaning to post a short work my wonderful sister sent me. She wrote it on a weekend trip from Long Island, NY to Boston by ferry etc., during the snowstorm that dumped 24-36 inches of snow on the East Coast. She was travelling solo to meet my niece, a freshman in college, and her boyfriend.

On a night like tonight, her thoughts are the perfect quiet repose…………….


Snow is falling at the

gentlest of velocities.

Could God be sending down

tiny delicate particles containing

vestiges of our ancestors

returning to remind us

to walk in beauty and to

savor the fires of home?

When we dream we are falling

in that slow, spinning, weightless

dreaming, are we really in training

for our next mission?

(Kids parked at the boat launch

getting stoned at lunchtime boom-boxes

booming are really seeking the same

awakening- they just don’t know it yet)

(c) Copyright Colette Rivard-Kern — 2003

All Rights reserved

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