Strange search referrals, indeed……

When could they say, till now, that talk’d of Rome, that her wide walks encompass’d but one man?

Julius Caesar, I, ii, William Shakespeare

Pinckney, MI — One of the tools included by my site host is a statistical graph on how many people visit and from where they come. Don’t fret, it’s no big brother, no names of people who visit or info like that. But if someone linked here from another site, or came here via a Google search, for instance, it will tell me what they were searching for before they linked here.

I’ve only been watching this for a week….but so far there have been some interesting searches that brought folks to Vinman’s Verbosity (and I’m hoping they enjoyed their look around). Some are obvious, “Mat Millen, Scotty Bowman and Vinman’s music are a few that make perfect sense since there are postings that contain each reference.

But the two curious ones are: “Paintings of Caesar’s death” and “Philosophy hand in a jar.”

We live in interesting times, my friends………

Be well and Hail Caesar!!!!!

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