Detroit Lions: An Equal Opportune Employer

opportune (oper-toon') adj. 1.Suited or right for a particular purpose: an opportune meeting. 2.Occurring at a time that is advantageous.

My take on the outrage over the Detroit Lions’ hiring of Steve Mariucci is simple and short: Marriucci’s split from San Francisco created an opportune time to better the team. It would be hypocritical, pandering and condescending to the intellectual discussion of how to better the ratio of black coaches for the team to bring in any coach of any color for a token interview. How would it have helped to demean the men and the process of interviewing them?

This business had a need to get the best fit available, white, black, green or any other color. And it owed it to the fans who have supported the hapless Lions through years of ineptitude, as well as the players of all colors, to take the opportunity to make a solid opportune move. For the less informed, here’s why:

1) The Lions tried to hire him two years ago but couldn’t afford him. 2) GM Matt Millen and Mariucci are close friends and Millen’s wanted to hire him from the beginning. 3) Mariucci was fired from a team he rebuilt from shambles, and they had a good year and ran into the eventual champs in the playoffs. 4) He’s proven he knows how to evaluate young talent. 5) He’s an expert at running the makeshift West Coast Offense, the offense the Lions ideally want to run. 6)The best black coach, Dennis Green, didn’t want the Detroit job because he wants full control over player management which is the GM’s job and the Lions already have a high profile GM. 7) Finally and most importantly, he was the best coach available in football at the opportune moment.

Only problem is, the major media reporters are too afraid to take that simple stand and risk the politically correct support. Ratings, my friends, ratings.

But I also believe that the author of a satirist web site “Scrappleface” might have accidentally captured a real underlying truth that many black coaches my have in his piece: ScrappleFace: Black Coaches Say Mariucci Can Have the Lions

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