Media Watch: Fox Picks up “Axis of Weasel” Theme

Working the heart at a rate of 142 beats a minute on the cardio machine for 30 minutes requires a little atmosphere. I prefer “oldies” in my headphones — late 50’s, early to mid 60’s stuff — it’s got an amazingly great beat and harmony (if you’re lucky enough to have digitally remastered stuff piped in) to get you through 30 mintes and make it seem like 15. Televisions are good, but not too much for me, thank you.

But while sweating away this morning and glancing at one of the 5 televisions lined up on the wall, I did notice Fox News has picked up on Steve Dunleavy’s “Axis of Weasel” theme (see him holding the New York Post in France in the posting below) referring to the French’s latest meddling in NATO business in which it simply does not belong. The UN stuff is fine, but France’s doddling about protecting Turkey is shameful and over-the-edge. So, while guests are interviewed about news and opinion related to this story, the headline tag along the bottom is “Axis of Weasel.” And it was enough to make me turn off the oldies for a while and listen to what the journalists had to say.

Who says catchy headlines are just for show?

But Fox is, of course, picking up on the NY Post (I believe they are still both owned by Ruppert Murdoch) slant and now using one of their creative headlines as a screen tag for their coverage of this issue.

It’s an interesting dichotomy of what works in print to entice people to buy single copy papers (that’s all the NY Post does) also works in television to get people to tune in given a choice among other things. And I’m certain Fox and the other networks are well aware that millions either have the TV on even if it’s silent or often have a choice among several displays in a setting like the gym, airport, bar etc…..

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