New York Post: Gone too far?

……….Only days after The Vinman wrote about the New York Post’s role in journalism (see Tuesday February 11’s postings below) and reputation for hard-hitting, no holes-barred journalism, comes this front page Friday on the morning of Hans Blix’s report:

I must admit, that in my eagerness to tune my radio and television to the event, I saw, but overlooked the full-throttle portrayals of France and Germany on this front page. Like it or not, it is sure to go down as one of the classic New York Post front pages.

The use of modern technology to create this photo/opinion cover takes another classic (below) to a new visual level.

And it is very interesting reading, indeed, to see how New Yorkers reacted to the cover…(click here) Some are upset, others say the New York Post is giving weasels a bad name….it’s definitely worth a read……

Oh, by the way, here’s another Post classic for your enjoyment:

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