The demise of Dan….

My take on Dan Rather’s pandering interview with Saddam on 60 Minutes II last night is concisely summed up by the New York Post’s editorial on the subject. NYPOST.COM Post Opinion: Editorials: SADDAM AND Friends

The only observations I would add are that Mr. Rather’s gameface he contorted into to give the appearance that he was a hard-hitting journalist ready to spring a hardball question or comment was as lame as his questions………

I would also add that he missed a perfect opportunity when Saddam corrected his interpreter who referred to George 41 as the Bush. Hussein told his interpreter to “call him Mr. Bush.”

Why didn’t Rather question this demand for respect for a man that Hussein himself attempted to have assassinated?

Don’t get me wrong, I think Rather’s career has been fantastic and he has served the public well. But when Rather had something to prove earlier in his career he was one of the best. Now that he doesn’t, his performance and credibility are matched only by his tiring effort to remain number one.

Tim Russert, or even George Stephanopoulos would have done a much better job. But then, Saddam would never agree to an interview by today’s top journalists.

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