Need it say more???

The New York Post chooses’ front page headlines with extreme care. I can tell you from experience that no word is used or treated as cliche’. GOTCHA is one of those classic double-syllable beauties that perfectly describes an arrest. But, it is reserved for huge arrests, not common criminal types.

The last time the NY Post used it as a main head was when John Gotti was found guilty of federal charges over a dozen years ago. GOTCHA GOTTI was the main head in a series of classic fronts about the guy the press referred to as the Dapper Don.

A good day for news so far……a good day for front pages and a good day for staying tuned. My newsman’s intuition has been whispering to me sine Thursday that something major was going to happen this weekend. I hope the arrest of this Al-Queda leader is the extent of it.

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