Comrades: Let’s talk about the Russians for a minute, eh?

I’ve always loved the Russian people…..Though they were a repressed lot by their communist government, they also had to endure weather beyond some of our wildest imaginations. A hearty lot, and they aren’t secretive about their fondness for Wvodka…….

I own a Soviet Army watch (original timepiece, thank you) complete with red star on the face of it. I purchased it in back-room negotiations when The Vinman was negotiating rights, rent and offices for the Verbosity’s Moscow Bureau.

It’s been pretty quiet on that front lately, and I’ve been wondering what in tarnations happened to our bureau chief???? Well, I found out today!!!!! Read on: Ananova – Russian man loses memory after dropping vodka

I guess I’ll have to reprogram (that’s secret spy government talk, y’all) him to see if he can remember that he’s supposed to be contributing a bit more to this venture!!!!

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