CBS News: C (ouldn’t) B (e) S (leazier)

(see also The demise of Dan… posting further on down the page…..)

In the last three weeks, the once highly-acclaimed News Department at CBS has made some moves that are certain to reduce its already sagging credibility against competitiors. Once the anchor and foundation of television news, CBS has chosen to sensationalize and go after ratings-oriented strategies rather than enahnce televsion journalism to a higher level.

Take these decisions together and you have CBS behaving worse than any Ruppert Murdoch-owned entity (except perhaps the Brittain’s The Sun) in terms of journalitic mores.

++ Three weeks ago, the producers of 60 Minutes II decided to air videotapes that were supposed to be sealed evidence from the trial of Andrew Luster, recently convicted of passing a date-rape drug to women and then filming his activities with them. The defense argued the sex was consentual. Regardless, CBS saw fit to air the tapes and will not reveal where they got them, choosing to expose the women, their families and the family of Luster to national scrutiny and agony. For what?? The story could have been covered thoroughly and completely without the airing of these tapes that, again, were supposed to be sealed evidence. Last I read, the prosecutor in the case is considering charges against CBS.

++ Two weeks ago, CBS employed a non-Iraqi actor to provide the voice for the translation of Sadaam Hussein’s answers to Dan (don’t need to ask hard questions at this juncture of my career) Rather during its exclusive interview. Actor’s Guild member Steve Winfield was the “on air” voice effecting a fake Iraqi accent. Reminds me of the scene from the classic spoof movie Airplane where an old white woman on a plane had to interpret “jive” from two black dudes for the white stewardess. Only difference is, that was Airplane and this is CBS News for crying out loud. Can you imagine the furor if CBS had employes a white actor to fake an African accent to translate on air?

++ Today, I hear the unbelievable from CBS. Yes, it is true that former President Bill Clinton and former Senator Bob Dole will recessitate the Point-Counter-Point segment on 60 Minutes!!!!! Imagine these two verbosing about important issues in that format!!!! Another obviously pandering move for ratings by all participants involved. Clinton, in my opinion, is continuing to prove his disdain for the Office of The President much as he did when he held it. Dole? Whell what the hell does he have to lose……I can’t fault him for doing this, he’s retired and is not in the same limelight as Clinton. As much as they will be scripted to disagree with each other and will do so naturally, let’s hope Viagra never comes up……that’s about the only thing these two guys have in common…….Or maybe CBS will want to rename the show (for ratings of course, as it is destined to tank) to the Viagra Vibe…….

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