So, who is this French Ambassador Dominique de Villepin ???

After press conferences and UN presentations on behalf of France, many are confounded by the man’s positions and words. French Ambassador Dominique De Villepin is a tall and seemingly obstructive force to many who believe his position is contrary to the various UN resolutions on Iraq as well as the current preferences of the United States. Remember, however, that this man is doing his job, just as you and I do each day. He is convicted of his positions and has the courage to stand behind them, whether one agrees or likes them. This conviction is a vital part of not only diplomacy (as long as it’s honest) and were it not for people with the courage to stand by their positions (or those of their country) the world would have long ago been overrun by greedy tyrannical governments hell-bent on self-gain and possession of absolute power.

I find it fascinating to learn more about people and their personal life who may rub me the wrong way or those I may not agree with. It tends to take the edge off my one-sided black and white thinking (if that’s the case) on a subject. It always helps gain a more even perspective at the very least and sometimes does change my views or positions. I truly believe people should be less firm on their stances and more willing to give honest and solid debate a chance. Not ready to say I agree with the French on this one, but check the link below for more on this silver-haired Frenchman who appears to be our nemesis at the moment………

Diplomacy at High Speed, Pour la France!

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