Journalist Defends Dan Rather Than Blast Hussein Interview…….

From posts on this page below, The Vinman has made his opinions known about Dan Rather’s recent interview of Saddam Hussein.

In fairness to Dan, now comes this opinion from the editorial features editor of the Wall Street Journal. An except below is followed by a link to the full column.

Years of Bill O’Reilly and Chris Matthews–the anti-Rathers, as it were–have made us accustomed to a particular style of interview, that of barked questions and interjections, of put-downs and one-upmanship. If Mr. Rather had pulled an O’Reilly on Saddam Hussein, one can be sure that the latter would have terminated the interview at once: “Tell me, Saddam, how can you sleep at night knowing that you’ve gassed all those kids?” Session over.

An episode of that sort would, no doubt, give the aggressive interlocutor certain boasting rights for a while. “Man, I showed that Saddam where to get off.” But what of that, beyond the theatrical memory? Mr. Rather chose, instead, to calibrate his questions in a way that would raise serious issues without raising the tyrant’s hackles.

OpinionJournal – Citizen of the World

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