Chris Chelios: 41 and still going strong (and grumpy) in the NHL……

PROGRAMMING NOTE: For my beloved in-laws and fellow “deekers” who live in Alaska and are still waiting for the teletype to tell them the Detroit Red Wings won the 2002 Stanley Cup, the home bureau of VINMAN’s VERBOSITy will be filing links to Red Wing hockey news and stories as the payoffs approach. This service will be free of charge, until we visit next when huge portions of shrimp and fresh Alaskan Crab will be expected.

Here’s the first installment on Chris Chelios, a player who I cursed as a Chicago Black Hawk (he WAS dirtier in his younger years, really) but relish as a Red Wing. It’s amazing that at the age of 41 he still tops in the league. But that’s the great thing about this team — all anyone has to do is their small part, not carry the full load. Read on, my hockey fan friends……Chelios is still cantankerous, effective force – 3/9/03

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