Already, the week has taken more brain energy than it had a right to. The mind is winding down — too much thought about the international situation, too much great basketball and hockey this week, too much planning, too much “being there” for others, too much blogging, too much feeding the cats and moving my legs so they’re comfortable……….and on it goes.

++ Simplify? This week for me it meant putting an electrical timer on my blue Lava Lamp that sits next to my waterfall with rocks from Lake Superior in my office. The on switch is hard to reach, so now it comes on automatically before I arrive to work and turns off at a time I should be already gone.

++ My sister in Long Island said it first after I finished describing the funeral I attended last Friday: The SOUND of spring was in her ears. The birds, she said, were beginning to sound different and indeed I had noticed it, too. Now they are holding their notes longer and ranging them sweeter….it’s the time for them to call a mate and begin building nests for new broods…….now a week later, those songs are even more intense and noticeable.

++ Two pieces of clothing I purchased from EBay arrived this week………New and quality stuff and I paid over 75 percent less than retail. New to EBay…kind of cool……

++ Outside I believe the last snow has come and will be gone tomorrow. About two inches with sleet made today’s drive into the city the longest of the winter……but looking ahead we’re going into the high 50’s and we’re all hoping this will be the last of the white stuff. There’s such a replenishing and born-again heartspring that wells when the green returns even just a little at a time. Those first warmer winds that blow, some car windows open, hands outside feeling the warmth, then closing up the windows again until the real warmth returns.

++ Another Royal Shakespeare Company play to attend this weekend…..why haven’t I attempted to write about the two I’ve seen over the last two weekend? Tackling Shakespeare in a review is a tall order, indeed. But the RSC production of Coriolanus and The Merry Wives of Windsor ranked wight up there with the history plays of Richard II and Henry VI Parts I and II we saw three years ago in Ann Arbor the last time the troop came.

++ Maybe it’s time to take a respite from blogging (at least for tonight, tomorrow may well bring precise ideas)….or maybe it’s time to be more creative — write just what I want instead of what I think belongs on Vinman’s Verbosity………..I’m sensing from comments on and postings on the blogsites I’ve visited in the last couple of days that my blogging colleagues (some I know and some I know only through cyberspace) are going through the same intense feelings……..we write, we create, we publish, we read other’s comments we think more about what others are saying, we may even shift our viewpoint and we always learn more about ourselves (I hope).

And still we live out our individual and unique life with all it’s similar and different demands……

That’s the vibe……..the vibe is what it is….freeform tonight into the dentist’s chair tomorrow where my cousin will examine my teeth. It’s for The Vinman now to sleep and let the subconscious mind examine my soul. Fly………………………………

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