A ST. PATRICK’S DAY NOTE FROM THE VINMAN: The Vinman will be travellin’ to another newspaper on business Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Blogging may or may not be possible. On the eve of a fateful day in the world’s history it seems hardly worth noting that in honor of St. Patrick’s Day (which also happens to be the Vinman’s birthday), I have renamed my website from VINMAN’s VERBOSITy to VINMAN O’SHEA’S BLARNEY, and entered the post below about my almost being named Kelly in green text. The day has always been a mixed day, a holiday, a birthday and (at least in the old days) a drinking day.

This March 17, 2003 will bring world news of such import that we will all need to spend some time sorting it out. The US began it’s war on Afghanistan on October 7, my wife’s birthday. It is very possible, mine will be spent riding in a car with a Walkman radio tuned to the news for the day. I wish you all a joyous, love-filled, blessed St. Patrick’s Day and will continue blogging later in the week when I return, God-willing. Bless You!

And now, for some nice Irish music and some cool pictures and copy from a site I stumbled on, link here: Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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