At exactly 7:58 p.m., I opened the door to my empty house with a pizza in hand and officially arrived home after three days on the road. And, although I was solo since my wife is at university, there were two friendly cats to greet me before they got whiff of the warm air outside and escaped to play.

That left me to sit down alone, turn on the TV and find out if anything happened at 8 pm exactly. And that is about all I want to have to do with the current events of the day for the rest of the night. This is no time to be tired, much energy will be required in paying attention to world events to come but I have no interest in writing about Iraq.

But to my fellow blogger friends and other, please allow me to give you this little bit of journalistic perspective and advice: DO NOT allow this to become a television war. By that, I mean always remember as/if you watch that news channels are in competition with each other, rarely get the stories and analysis immediately correct, will only be fed what the US government wants it to have and will fry your brain with 24/7 coverage if you allow it.

War is not about television, it is about pregnant woman begging US soldiers to help them survive for the sake of their unborn, it is about far more than any of us who have never been there can imagine, let alone talking heads in studios in Atlanta trying to tell us what something means. Any journalist worth their salt would say, “I don’t know, time will tell,” when asked to immediately interpret and analyze something that just happened.

Fact is, no one knows what tomorrow will bring even in the best of times. Don’t ignore what’s going on, but find as many sources as possible for your news………..And don’t forget to share those special moments in times of uncertainty. There WILL be days when that’s all that will get us through ahead, no matter what happens.

It’s good to be home……it’s good that VINMAN O’SHEA’s BLARNey has reverted to VINMAN’s VERBOSITy. I can’t wait to see my wife. It’s especially good to be affectionately greeted as “Dork” by my blogger-friend DIMN……Postings and comments from The Sinister Sister and SKOB have been especially appreciated these last few days. It’s interesting, but there is something very real and sustaining about blogger friends.

And now, it’s back to the routine…..better get some shut eye….God knows what tomorrow will bring.

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