I find myself sitting in the dark tonight, deep in thought, as the bottles of wine in my rack, windows and floor all rattle with deep resounding rolling thunder — the first of the year. It is dark outside — very dark — except for the brilliant white flashes of lightning illuminating all like a flash bulb. A near-full moon is completely blocked by this storm. The rain is a constant, medium downpour, enough to provide a peaceful tapping on the gutters and roof. Enough to create a waterfall sound from the water running through the gutters and downspout to feed the grass that must be slightly awakened by the 64 degree temps and sun of earlier today.

I can see my reflection on the windows of my sunporch room, both ahead of me and aside to the right. The image is of a man both writing and thinking at the same time. The mind scatters from thought to thought, from person to person, image to image, memory to tomorrow’s list. And on the thunder rumbles…..first the flash of lightening and then a long, rolling thunder — the kind that lasts for 15 seconds or so…roooolllling, and more then more roll, like a high long wave that breaks out far and then rolls and breaks some more. Not crackles that scare the cats, no, this mellows them out as it does me.

A mild throbbing in the head lingers from too much caffeine this week to make it through my Cinci trip and too much news taken in, too much info processes. My desires turn toward lingering on a beach, again and again…..fires on the shore, bodies beautiful because the spirits within them emit the positive karma to create beautiful smiles on contented people no matter what their shape.

To walk along, looking for fossilized shark’s teeth in the sand…….Do I need a vacation? The thought turns to other things……..the rain slows and the moment may be lost……the zone we enter when we can and leave when we have to.

Fantasy interruptus.

Thanks for sharing The Vibe for a moment……I hope you find one and linger for awhile tonight.

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