Been there, done that!  

News Item from Ananova……….

Blue star Lee Ryan has confessed he wants to have sex with an alien. He reckons there are extra-terrestrials living on the planet and says he would like to breed with one of them. According to the Sun, the singer, famous for his eccentric outbursts, said: “I believe aliens really do exist and the human race is a big experiment.”Think about it – have you ever looked at someone in the street and thought “you don’t look right.”“If it was a girl alien I would go on a date with her, just to see what happens. We might even make a baby. Imagine that, a new species.”Meanwhile, Lee’s bandmate Duncan has admitted he used to try to get himself abducted by aliens.The boyband heart-throb was so desperate to get taken up into a spaceship that he went searching for UFOs with a friend. Duncan revealed: “I really wanted to be abducted by aliens. I used to go UFO hunting with my mate. We’d drive up to this open area in Dorset and sit and watch the sky.” Story filed: 08:24 Friday 21st March 2003


 PINCKNEY, MI (VV) — So these two rock-star UFO-seeking rookies want to meet and date aliens, eh? I hate to be the first to tell them, but by going public they’ve all but squashed any chance they might have had. As one who has been taken up many times since childhood, I know the rules. Maybe you do, too. If so, you know that the aliens aren’t interested in examining anyone so excited about meeting them that they make a public professions of their desires.

 The aliens just don’t work that way — flattery will get you nowhere!

My first abduction occurred when I was in the second grade while walking along a quiet, tree-lined suburban street with old, well-kept brick houses all in a row. As I passed each of the newly mowed spring lawns and walks, the smell of dew and fresh flowers awakened and heightened the senses of a young lad to such an extent the mind raced with curiosity about the surrounding, sprouting world.

Each sight and every sound was integrated into the movie playing in my young mind……..now that dark new car coming down the street slowly were agents from some foreign government looking for me, the secret spy who had infiltrated their ranks to do good. But being the talented spy I was, of course, the two shady looking men would drive by without even noticing the agent in their midst.

Then the site of a Robin, red-breasted and beautiful (for we had not seen one throughout the cold winter) and the spy game vanishes to awe of the power of nature to make me stop and watch the simple, but perfect Robin’s task of feeding. Head-cocked sideways, yes a worm there he finds — peck, peck!!! pull pull — gobble! gobble! and then two fast and straight legs running 20 fast steps, two hops, stop and 20 more steps to the next stop before repeating the feeding again and again.

Oh, yes — the aliens. Here’s the deal:

1) The aliens aren’t solely interested in humans who think the aliens are interesting. They are interested in people who are robust thinkers, open-minded and people who are wondrous about the all of the world around them. I don’t know anything about this Lee Ryan guy, but aliens definitely do not want to meet humans who want to have sex with them! They do not travel across the galaxy (and even further) for Spring Break on Earth. Aliens generally visit moons for vacations, primarily because partying on moons does not disrupt planetary functions. Moons are like resorts for aliens, each one having its own unique and private clime. Planets are like big cities — too much noise, politics, war and famine for the aliens — it really bums them out.

2) If you haven’t been taken up as a child, it’s not likely you’re going to be taken up. But don’t despair, you could be recommended by others (adults and children) who are regulars. Getting back to #1, the A’s are interested in innocent, probing minds, not to put information into those minds, but to learn how to become more wondrous themselves. Let me put it like this: If you’re old enough to be a kid BEFORE American astronauts landed on the moon, you will recall looking at an early morning moon while walking to school in complete wonderment about what it must be like there. You remember believing, not fantasizing, that YOU could be the first human to walk there and maybe even raise a family there. After all, anything is possible when you are young and wondrous. Aliens, having the ability to travel much further and quicker than we, do not wonder so much about things. They have such vast knowledge that they are trying to regress, if you will, to a simpler state of mind. Similar to our adult vacations where we shut off the laptop and cellphones for a week and drink strawberry daiquiris by the lake around a fire.

3) Aliens are fascinated by the human ability to create its own dreams, fantasies and mental pictures. Their grasp of Quantum Physics, and other layers of the universe that we cannot perceive leaves them little space to go free-form, if you will, in delving into their inner soul. Their lives are much more “mission-driven” than ours. Again, let me give you an example: The aliens DO know how to have fun. It’s just that they have fun at an appointed time in their schedule – -a communal scheduled fun time if you will. There are benefits to this, such as everyone is focused on a serious mission when it’s time to do so and everyone is on the same page 99 percent of the time. This tends to eliminate surprises in behavior and severe moodiness among the ranks. But the downside is that even the “fun times” are more controlled.

4) Relative to the above, human music IS one of the biggest reasons they are visiting. All music made by natural instruments is symphonic to them. The are especially interested in classical, folk, jazz, bluegrass and good rock and roll unplugged. During their “fun times” they often gather to watch  Phil Collins, Sting and Led Zeppelin unplugged…Interesting enough, they are fascinated by the band Coldplay. It is the only band they listen to in an electronic forum…..they say they love the lyrics and the lead singer’s accent — I think they’ve taken him up, too. And, they have a hell of a video library of some of the Ancient Greek musicians as they were developing string instruments such as the Harp.

I could go on and on about these things…………don’t ask me how I know, I just do! I don’t have specific, direct knowledge of seeing or being told these things for when you are taken up, you rarely know it and might not know about it for years, or ever know it.

But certain things can give it away after you are returned. It works like this: You are doing something (always happens when you are awake), anything. The first sign is that you lost a minute or two….something is suddenly not the same..like an anachronism. It’s akin to watching a desert scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, set in the early 1900’s and seeing a quick streak of a jet’s lights across the horizon in the background for a split second. Or like someone in a World War II film wearing a digital watch. You know something’s not right but you have to think about it. Usually, there is a slight mood swing associated with it. Sometimes, you might catch yourself in an unforeseen stumble, like a “How the hell did I almost trip over on that?” thing.

See the thing is, ad advanced as these aliens are, they are prone to slight errors just as we are. And you don’t always get put back in just the perfect moment or space for a seamless and unknown journey to their ship. While there are rarely marks left (they really don’t probe like it’s depicted) it’s much tougher to perfectly execute a “drop” on the return side. The worst for me is when they take me up in my car…I can tell because the song isn’t at the exact note, like a CD skip only no CD. It’s distracting enough to make me have to focus more on my driving for a few moments.

So there it is, Lee and Duncan……….hopefully you guys have a better idea of what the alien experience is. There is plenty more I can tell you, especially about the sex part. Oh, and I CAN tell you how to call or attract the UFO brigade to your life. But I’ll save that for future postings. I don’t want the CIA coming around here asking me a lot of questions and all.

Stay tuned!!!

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