I just saw CNN’s Gary Tuchman interview with a female fighter pilot who goes by the nickname “Thumper.” She is flying dangerous F-16 missions in Iraq. Thumper was telling the interviewer on an aircraft carrier that her jet had been struck by lightening on the mission she just flew and she mentioned her faith in God. Tuchman asked her if having faith in God and being involved in a war weren’t contradictory terms…….She said she didn’t think so because she believed it was all in God’s hands and that she should be doing her job wholeheartedly as she should be serving God in her spiritual life. She wasn’t saying the war was ordained by God, just that doing her job did not contradict her faith.

FACT: There are female pilots flying EVERY type of aircraft in the US armed forced. Thumper is only one of MANY brave women.

COMMENT: To all men from the Vinman — YES, You OWE women a debt of gratitude for keeping our male asses safe!!!! On behalf of men — thank you, women. For ALL you do.

This ain’t our daddy’s world anymore!!!

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