Comedy in War????

Just returned from a get together with some dear friends. The evening consisted of dinner and a show by Second City, a watered-down Detroit extension of the comedy troupe that spwaned John Belushi and Bill Murray in Chicago long ago.

Funny thing is, the best satire and humor I’ve seen in weeks is right on television from the Iqaqi Minister of Information who has said:

1) It’s a lie that Americans are holding the Saddam International Airport or are even there.


2) American troops are nowhere near Baghdad, that the viseo we’ve been seeing from correspondents is actually taken from highways 20-30 miles away.

Now, at 11:30 p.m., after returning home from the comedy show, the Iraqi Infomration Minister is inviting journalists to go out to the airport to prove US troops are not there.

Maybe he’s taking them to another Saddam International Airport (some farm airstrip) that has NOT been renamed Baghdad International Airport.

Better than the skits performed by the Second City troupe tonight, by far. I guess it would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad……………………..

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