THE VIBE…….Part Wed

I try not to overuse The Vibe headline for fear of wearing it out…after all everything’s a vibe isn’t it? But today, I’m doubling up on The Vibe — two consecutive days because The Vibes are changing that fast. Sometimes it changes too fast and wears us out. I might write about the war tonight, or even in this post, but currently other things are on my mind.

I’ve been avoiding the freeform writing lately because frankly I haven’t really had much to contribute lately. My posts have been quick hits, not really the type of writing I enjoy or hope to achieve. I sense the same vibe in many of my blog friends, too. My good friend and former colleague who “hipped” me to blogging last fall was on a mystery hiatus for almost a week and this dude had a lot of regular readers wondering “Where the hell is Howard?” When we used to work together he often retired for hours to the men’s restroom for a bit of good reading, but never for days. Upon his return to the scene this time, he wrote a deep and meaningful post about the unexpected reasons for his absence — (Howard Owens).

“Mayamaya,” mya friend from Manilla wrote a great short piece about writing (or the lack thereof) on her awesome site, The Sinister Sister. I don’t remember how MM and I hooked up in cyberspace…..I think she must have been bored and stopped by Vinman’s Verbosity one night and was kind enough to leave a meaningful comment. So, I returned the favor and discovered her talent for writing on a range of subjects and we’ve been regular readers of each other ever since. I never intended to make new friends when I began blogging for my own personal writing, but I am blessed by MM’s encouragement and comments from 13 time zones away. It’s strange to know someone only in cyberspace literally on the other side of the world — morning here, night there and vice versa — but everyone should be so lucky.

Another cyberfriend, SKOB (Some Kind Of Bliss) is in the middle of a 13 day journey through Europe with his wife and hasn’t updated his site since he left (can you blame him?). The man not only writes with passion, but lives it. Funny, how much I miss him and think about what he’s doing when all I know if him is from our blogging together…..but I think about his safety and can’t wait to read about his adventures. But it will have to wait because his blog is silent.

My main man DIMN, not his real name, over at BYTE BACK IS still ranting away, of course (I mean that with the utmost respect), on the site he created to vent the personal opinions he’s supposed to keep stuck in his craw as a professional journalist in Seattle. Even though I often do not agree with his liberal perspective, I love his site because he writes honestly from the heart and likes a good give and take. Far too often, liberals are all rant and no take.

But for the most part, my cyberfriends and I have been relatively silent in the last couple of weeks….a little here, a little there and I think I detect that in society, too. While we saw Iraqis dancing in the street today on Sadaam’s bronze head we all seem to know there is no end to conflicts in the world.

And we all seem tired of any suffering, by anyone.

So we reach for the deep stuff inside us, the stuff we love to share with others because it bonds us closer than we can know. But it’s not been there. It’s been hard to grasp — we all seem tired of global pain and all day war news.

I sense we all want a good party to cleanse our souls. Personally, I’d love to arrange private jets to whisk Howard, Mayamaya, DIMN, SKOB, their families and pets and a bunch of other cool folks I know and invade an island in the Pacific for a hell of a week-long luau!!!!

Instead we’ll all continue on each day, just as you are, getting it done, doing our share, giving it away to others, loving it, gouging it out, and looking for the next thing to write about or share with friends and loved ones.

But WATCH OUT!!! Cause The Vinman is brewin’ up some good stuff to share on VINMAN’s VERBOSITy in the next few weeks. It’s been six months now and I feel like I’m just hitting my stride. It feels so good to write again, freeform or otherwise………

This has been a long post………I am getting tired. Thank you, though, for reading. You don’t know how much it means to me that you stuck through to the end of this one — I hope there was something in it worthwhile for YOU!

That’s The Vibe — for now.

No more smoke signals tonight, but maybe a peace pipe.

(c) Copyright Vincent J. Kern — 2003

All Rights reserved

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