A Day of Unexpected Pleasures……..

Today was a day of unexpected pleasures and reawakenings. In no particular order:

++ The lawn care guys who couldn’t get to the tons of leaves and debris on my lawn last fall because of the early snow arrived at 9 a.m. today for a surprise spring yard clean. It was the first year I had actually hired a lawn service instead of doing it myself, so I thought I was in for another two-day spring clean. Instead, they were finished and had it all hauled away by the time we returned home from church.

++ While I was out moving some of the stuff from the half of the garage I cleaned by moving it out of the garage, Happy Jack, came by to visit for the first time since late last spring. Happy Jack is an old Golden Retriever mix from a couple of streets over. When he gets loose, he prances around to his favorite places with a face that looks like its always smiling and a tail that is always wagging from joy of getting around. I’ve always had a rapport with animals and Happy Jack and I are pals in the truest sense. My spirits are always lifted by his brief visits during which we chase each other around and I always give him a good pat down.

++ Duh, it was Palm Sunday — ah, we really didn’t know we’ve been so busy. So, we went to church expecting a sermon and got to hear a lovely cantata about the last week of Christ’s life here on Earth. Beautiful, it was.

++ I got to hit golf balls for the first time this year. My improved fitness, flexibility and strength allowed me to swing the club like never before and I was pleasantly surprised to see the resulting ball flight and distance. Plus it was warm and relaxing to just hit balls.

++ My neighbor and I trimmed two Rose bushes that had been running wild along our fences for years. Hard work it was, but it was the first time we actually did anything together except exchange conversation over the fence. I also managed to rake up a zillion pine needles and other debris.

++ I had enough strength to spring clean both vehicles we own, Windex, Armor All, clean, clean,clean…maybe it was the Coldplay tunes that kept me going.

++ The sparrows who lived in the Rose bushes all winter still returned even though half their house was gone. All except for one mated pair who are smart enough to move into the birdhouse hanging from our birch tree in the front yard and raise little sparrows in there. In and out, in and out we watch them go….bringing nesting materials and later food back to the small blue and white wooden home with a tiny hole in the front.

++ I treated the whole estate (hah, I love that word) with crab grass killer using my Scott’s Speedy Spreader. Oh, boy.

++ My wife ordered pizza and picked it up!

++ And after a day without ANY television or news at all until I got online after dark, the first and only news I read was about seven POWs being released and returning to home base safe. I decided that one good story was enough for the day.

Amazing how different a day is when winter snaps, how soon we get used to it and how much more energy we have when the sun is warm and the grass is getting greener by the hour.

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