(Howard Owens)

The Sky is Falling……..

Two fellow journalists and bloggers who are equally talented writers, thinkers, interested in baseball with common tastes in music will likely tell me I should be a politician for wading through their recent blog-debate about an anti-war trading card posted on BYTE BACK

I respect each of these guys immensely and love each of their sites and work. DIMN, and Howard come at things from different points of view. Each write in a different style. I don’t like characterizing, but if I had to I would say on average Howard does more outlined, structured postings while DIMN uses his blog as a running off-the-cuff outlet for his thoughts. That is not to say one style is better than the other. Each of them post in alternative styles and are capable of hearty debate. I’ve told them that I think they keep each other in check pretty well — even when they are giving no ground to the other.

Suffice to say, sometimes — and especially in times when we all are unconsciously suffering from what I call “war drain” on our energies, time and lives in general since we’ve been so focused on it for so long — solid debates can go from one point into a downward spiral of irrational thinking and attacks. What are you going to do? It happens.

But I think Howard got it down pretty well in his post titled “The Sky is Falling.” As I said in my comments on his site, it is a thoughtful piece, well structured and laid out. It is the kind of piece I like to read when assessing an issue. Not laden with name calling “neener, neener, neeners” or ridiculously twisted facts or judgements. Well okay, I just reread it for the third time and there is some neeners in there. But if you read this piece carefully, it begs the question: How do we put all this contrarian debating aside and move forward? How can conservatives and liberals on the far sides (for lack of a better analysis) begin a meaningful effort to make positive strides not only in America, but in the world? Idealistic? You bet. Unattainable goals? I don’t believe so.

I would very much be interested to read a piece written as well from readers who share a different opinion. That type of rational and thoughtful discourse is more of what we need these days and less dagger-pulled swashbuckling from citizens of opposing viewpoints.

Whew…I think I just said a mouthful and strangely enough, I DO feel better! (Howard Owens)

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