It’s a stellar thing, dont’cha know?

A friend of mine, Joey Tetreault, is the brother of one of my best friends. Joey must have been on a boring interlude during the time he and his wife Monica were awaiting the birth of a child and he stopped by VINMAN’s VERBOSITy.

Then he sent me an email suggesting I put the link below on my site. So, I have! It’s an amazing progression of pictures of the universe that start really, really far out and get 10 times closer each frame until one gets through the Milky Way onto the top of a tree and beyond. It’s a mind-bender!!!!!

Yet, as small as this things gets, that’s as small as Joey and Monica’s new son was at one time. Nine months after he was just a cell he is 9lbs 3oz and 23″ long! And those cells will continue to multiply exponentially for some time.

MIRACLE of birth!!!! Congratulations, Joey and Monica.

Now check out this link for a really cool space trip: Some of these galaxies look familiar from when The Vinman gets taken up by the aliens……….

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