Jesus, chocolate bunnies and you

…via SKOB

I have a friend in Seattle who blogs. I used to refer to him as a blogger friend since I have never met him. But now, I just call him friend. I never expected to to make new friends on such a deep level when I started my blog and didn’t intend to. I just wanted to write. But a funny thing happens when you begin to explore other people’s blogs and correspond with them. They write things you’ve been feeling for years, you write something that touches them, and you really get to know someone on a deep level. I was explaining this to my sister who lives on Long Island and she immediately hit on a column topic I had been sprouting.

“Like electronic pen-pals,” said Co with the type of instant connection to my existence that gives us the ability to sniff each other out telepathically. Once, we met in the exact spot we “thought” each other would be in Grand Central Station on a BUSY day. We were so excited about her trip into Manhattan to see me when I lived there that we forgot to plan where to meet. But boom, there I was to her and there she was to me — sometimes it happens like that.

But back to SKOB. He is a journalist in Seattle, married and has cats. And he’s one of the damn-finest writers I’ve ever read in some ways. Today, my wife and I rose early for Sunrise Service at the church and then had breakfast there. After, we napped, went to the gym before it closed at 1 p.m.

On the way home, it began to rain as we passed a small swamp off the busy two-laner that leads to our house. I had to swerve a bit to avoid squashing a turtle who was dragging his lazy shelled ass across the road…S L O W L Y………I turned around, grabbed him/her (how the hell do you tell with a turtle?) and after putting him/her in some tall grass, decided to take it to the lake near our home. There I put him on the beach while the waves crashed in a few feet in front of him/her. He looked at me for a second, seemed to grin a “okay, dude — thanks” — and shot into the water. I watched its shadow move out into the lake underneath the one-foot waved as the rain fell on my head and clothes. I had a huge smile inside and out as I walked back to the car.

Driving the short block home, I thought “God gave me that moment to share in the glory of His creation and an opportunity to help.” It felt great and inside I thanked Him for the chance.

Then I get home and read SKOB’s piece called Jesus, chocolate bunnies and you…….and I am simply blown away by how he captured something so complex that I think about often. I’d bet you do, too. So, I won’t do it an injustice by trying to outline the piece and tell you why I encourage you to read it. Just take my word for it. It will inspire thought and encourage you no matter what.

Go here:Some Kind Of Bliss……

And God Bless you and yours on this Easter Sunday.

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