Blogcritics: Getting Dixie Chicked


Today’s update on my take after watching the interview is below, as is my original post from yesterday. THANKS for visitingThe Vinman hopes you will take a minute to peruse the site and please stop by from time to time to see what’s new.

Go ahead, bookmark it! You can always delete it if V V isn’t your cup of tea.

For you regular friends, here’s the scoop: Yesterday, after I posted my original take on the Dixie Chicks’ cover on Entertainment Weekly and my take on their quotes released in a prelim of the ABC/Dianne Sawyer interview, I emailed my friend, former colleague and “blogfather” Howard Owens to tell him I thought I had a hot post on the topic. Don’t usually do that, but I wanted to share this one and it seemed timely. He posted his thoughts on his site with a lead-off link to The Vinman and Blogcritics picked up his story.

You can go to Blogcritics: Getting Dixie Chicked for more comments from readers around the web on the topic…..It’s an excellent discussion of the issue.

The excitement of finding myself on today reminds me of the day I saw my first byline printed in a newspaper when I first started out as a reporter in Detroit many years ago. Pretty amazing how blogging and the information highway works!

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