(Stupid) Men in the News

This moron got a front-end loader instead of a limo to drive her off into married bliss. She will probably wind up cutting off his Johnson one day.

Men can be morons. Proof of that comes today from a couple of wire stories on a British news service Annova. When I’m feeling disinterested in politics, local news and hankerin’ for the real-life stories we Earthlings create, I go to the Quirkies section.

Two of the stories I found there today reinforce what morons some men can be (but then if you are a woman you are not as surprised by this as I am). One is about a man who got back with his wife who cut off his penis after she drugged him to sleep.

He told the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper: “She was stressed and I understand her reasons.”

He understands her reasons? What the hell is wrong with this guy? Read the story — he GAVE her the reason!!! I can only suspect this is a young man, not out of his twenties yet and not married for very long. Because if he had any brain in his head, he’d know he’s just going to do something stupid and piss her off again.

The story says his Johnson was surgically reattached……I hope they used a modern fastening device like a quick release hose so when she pulls if off in anger three weeks from now it can just be snapped back into place!

Mr Moron #2 (pictured above) somehow convinced a fine woman to marry him and then whisked her off in a front-end loader instead of a limo. Talk about the romantic touch!! This moron knows nothing about what a wedding day means to a woman ( I had to learn the hard way, too, but I never thought of degrading my wife in a tractor). I just hope he didn’t rent a barn filled with hay for their honeymoon sweet and have the driver just dump them off.

Vinman’s Prediction: Moron number two will need the same fastening device doctors installed in Moron number one’s tally whacker because his wife will soon find out what kind of rubbery, gumby like mush he has in his brain. Then she will whack off his pee pee just like the lady in Brazil did.

Ananova – Brazilian makes up with wife who cut off his penis

Ananova – Bride whisked to reception in giant yellow digger

AND NOW, FOR THE REST OF THE NEWS………(see Vinman’s comments below the links)

Ananova – Sex change could be good for your heart!

What about if I were a woman who became a man and then decided to become a woman again?????

Ananova – Women’s mag triggers oven explosions

Okay, I guess women can be morons, too!

Ananova – New Zealand Parliament bans swear word

Now THAT’S a bugger of a deal!!! What a bloody mess, and what the hell does bugger mean to a New Zealander anyway?

Ananova – Prolonged erection ‘saved patient’s life’

Well, women, I guess having an attached Johnson is not so bad after all……….I think I’ll do my best to keep mine attached if it might save my life one day!

Ananova – Bellyflop champion jailed for breaching house arrest

Ah, did I say men could be morons?…..Okay this guy is Moron number 3!!!

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