Between the sagas of Hillary, Sammy and Martha, there’s “juicy” news on ‘dem ‘dere horizons, Pard!

The media has once again determined that the problems of Hillary (past), Sammy (present) and Martha (futures — no pun intended) are what we need to know about and now. Now to me, it seems they are all of the same ilk. Well, maybe Sammy and Martha are more like in their “Hey, it was a one-time thing, I didn’t mean to do it,” responses to their problems. Hillary has a different problem, namely her husband.

I heard a woman asking the question about why when women (in this case Hillary) have aspirations and the drive to make them happen ambitions they are labeled as power hungry while men are considered ambitious. Good question, I thought to myself. She’s right. Hillary didn’t get caught, Bill did. And now, a few years later, I have more respect for Hillary and applaud her strength in taking herself forward and becoming an accomplished Senator…words I never thought I would write.

Sammy got caught. His reputation will be forever tarnished. Here’s the best column I’ve read on Sammy Sosa and his corked bat so far: Sosa disappoints his fans, tarnishes his records, taints his reputation – 06/05/03

Martha Stewart got caught. She will claim she is the victim of a male society trying to humiliate her to keep women in their place. Here is the best column I’ve read on that so far.New York Post Online Edition: OJ’s got nothing on this victim, Martha

And now, on to the Stanley Cup Finals…..time for some teeeveeeeee!!!!

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