The fire within………

(c) Copyright Vincent J. Kern — 2003

All Rights reserved

Home again, after 16 days away during which the Vinman travelled the great state of Michigan — it’s northern latitudes of forest, pristine lakes and wonderful family and friends.

A vacation that long brings one back to the inner pacing like a tuning fork pitch or the lengthy and perfect ting of the best crystal wineglass.

Hmmmmmmmmmm……..and there was writing to be had. Mostly in journal form, I chronicled some of the essence of the trip.

And there are plenty of pictures, too. Like the one above taken on a Sunday night in Escanaba — there was no moonlight — only Mars and stars on the horizon and the fire above on which my friend Denny and I decided to add an architectural rendering of the $375 million pressroom expansion we are involved with for our newspaper. Denny’s mom Rose owns the Sandy Shores Resort in Escanaba and she’s a story all in her own.

But back at home, the cats are happy now we’re back. My molecular structure is finally returning to normal after a quick jaunt courtesy of my intergalactic friends to Mars. They figured it’d be a good time to catch up since they were so close. More on that some other time.

Now it’s time to sort the mail and pay a few bills. Not going to return to status quo,,,,“Nope, not gonna doit.”

Too much inner fire burning now to squelch the creativity that’s smoking to get out. Onward ho…..

More on the travels, life and its absurdity tomorrow.

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