One to tie, two to avoid……….

If anyone is wondering what is it like to be a Detroit Tigers fan in Detroit this weekend, let me tell you.

As you may know, the Tigs have two games left this season against the first-place Minnesota Twins. One win and one loss and they ties the New York Mets as the worst team (one season record) in baseball history (since 1900). Two losses and they go down in history with a record no one will likely beat.

Except maybe themselves in 2004.

But if there is media hype this weekend about the Tigers, don’t think anyone in Detroit really cares all that much. Baseball fans here are beyond caring. They’re angry inside that this is nothing different than the last 10 years of losing and wondering when the hell owner Mike Illitch is going to say something.

Simply put, he owes the fans an apology.

But the once-certain record has suddenly become, well, not so certain after all. Before last night’s 11th inning loss to the Twins the Tigers had won three in a row. Imagine that! I think that only happened once before and they were playing the lowly (but not lower than the Tigs) San Diego Padres.

So if you see interviews with fans this weekend displaying team spirit and saying they are supporting the team because they are still behind it, check first to see if they are older than 20 or if they smoked crack before the interview.

Anyone who is older than 20 or not high on drugs could give a rat’s ass about this weekend’s results. We just want Illitch to be accountable — for once.

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