Freedom to be yourself across the Universe…

Freedom to be yourself across the Universe…


A funny thing happened as Vinman’s Verbosity sped quickly toward the intersection of Blog-Kill Ave. and Creativity-Silenced Blvd; another Vinman inadvertently gave me my voice back! Here’s the scoop:

Friday, I received an email from another Vinman in London who visited Vinman’s Vibe. He said he is “a pillar in the rock and roll community” in Europe.

A Google search revealed he is, indeed, correct in this regard. He then offered the following in his note…….

“…now from what i gather, you play hockey on ice. because of this i will not threaten you but kindly ask you to respect that i am the original vinman.

all the best,

His real name in unimportant in this context, but he must be in tune with all the good karma that exists in the world because his email was like a giant Bic flame igniter touching the charcoals of my creative soul which had been smoldering from inactivity.

The ensuing combustion of creativity created a blast that knocked my BBQ off the porch.

You know these elements from your own battles. For me, it’s The Vinman stifled by the oppressive soggy bad spirits of “Who am I really, and what do I want to create?” and that especially-negative “No-time-to-write” fellow inside crashing against the always-flowing-somewhere-inside-just-waiting-to-come-out-Vinman, otherwise known as “Be Yourself.”

A day later, I realized that this Vinman from London provided a gift that cannot be placed in a wrapped package on demand or even bought. It came in a hardened conclusion that we all must be who we are created to be.

For me that means I must write and express, no matter if it means writing a best-selling novel, creating photographs, newspaper columns, in a blog once a day or whenever the spirit moves me. I simply must do so and I must do it for myself and no other intended audience. If you enjoy it, I am doubly blessed and eternally grateful that I could share it. But that’s the trouble with having experienced and feeling comfortable with audiences large and small, one finds oneself spending too much time about the audience and not about the art. So, Vinman’s Verbosity took a turn last fall toward the cyberdump of blogs and it might have been the end. Except that I always still have something to say. I just lost the desire to say it for awhile until this Vinman from London came calling.

I am going to assume, for now, that this man’s note is a tongue-in-cheek greeting of sorts, you know, one Vinman to another. “Hello, Vinman, from the Vinman from London!” But until or if I hear otherwise from him based on my reply, I am not so certain. He may, indeed, be claiming this name for himself, believing he is warning me off. And if that’s so, we have some more talking to do.

Let’s examine this note he sent a bit closer, shall we? The first thing I notice is that there is zero capitalization in his writing. No problem, not offensive, but it seems a bit hurried, i.e., dismissive of the formalness and politeness the Brits are so renowned. I envisioned he was simply surfing the web and Googled Vinman and found my site, decided to jot a quick hello and had no time for caps.

Quick note, back onstage…..groovy! Vinman from London correctly infers that The Vinman does play ice hockey. And maybe that part is the proof I need to believe this man is genuinely happy we share the same moniker. For if he were desiring to threaten the ice hockey part would be of no regard.

And so goes the thought process about receiving such a note. But only regarding the note itself. It’s what the note spurred inside that is important to me and if you apply it to yourself, for you as well.

The bottom line is: WE are the art. Individually and together, we are the art. No word I write, or note the Vinman from London plays, is original. It’s how we shape them that makes the art. Of the millions of people who could access this site, one 24-year-old musician (a seemingly genius musician at that) unknowingly connected dots of the “Who am I” question and brought my voice back to my fingertips by making me answer to myself. I can no more reach across the ocean and diminish his worth or self-understanding by requsting possession of a name than he can mine.

Think of your own life for a minute. When you think about yourself, what comes to mind? Your name? Your family? Your occupation? Your personality? Your legace?

What do you do to spark that creative fire and nurture your soul? Is there one good thing you have never given up, despite all indications that you were about to? Why didn’t you? Or, is there something you should be doing, but are not?

My guess is that we all realize sooner or later that each breath is Heaven on Earth and not a recap of the day.

It’s the step before it’s the walk. It’s the journey before it’s the destination, and then onto another. Look at the photo of Saturn above in this post again, even though you’ve seen it once. Doesn’t it sing hope of a vast Universe where more than one Vinman is allowed?

That’s my universe, I am The Vinman and I thank the Vinman from London for reminding me that in order to be yourself, one has to be one’s self. I also hope the Vinman from London finds Lee Ho Fooks and gets the big dish of beef chow mein he’s seeking.

P.S. Happy Independence Day.

Copyright Vincent J. Kern — 2004
All Rights reserved

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