Naked sleepwalkers and World Series in November?

 What do an increasing number of guests at Travelodge hotels and the Colorado Rockies have in common? Sleepwalking.

With the exception that the Rockies’ team has not been doing it naked — at least during World Series games. 

Ananova – What to do with naked sleepwalkers

What else could account for their lackluster performance in the 2007 MLB World Series? I believe I have the answer: The same thing that accounted for the Tigers playing so poorly against the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2006 MLB World Series……

  1. Too long a layoff between winning the National League Championship and Game 1 of the World Series and
  2. Having to get their vibe back on in nearly-winter weather.

In 1968, the Detroit Tigers came back from a 3-1 deficit, largely on the arm of Mickey Lolich and won the World Series in St. Louis. That was before television and owners turned all professional sports’ championships into staged productions to increase entertainment value and — mainly — profits. 

That seventh World Series game was played on October 10 in 67-degree afternoon temps or real baseball weather.

Since then, playoffs and the need to drive more profit have resulted in MLB moving their season back several times. This year, the playoffs began a week later and if it were not for the inevitable Red Sox win in the next couple of games, the World Series could well extend into November.

Even though it was in the mid-50s when the Red Sox and Rockies faced off this week in Boston, that’s hardly baseball weather. And the games in Colorado have been snow-less so far only by luck. It’s not uncommon for that area to get snow late in October.

Toss in the fact that the NFL and NHL are well into their season and getting exciting at this point, watching baseball players in dugouts wearing parkas only makes one wonder how the players on the field can perform and focus. It’s like watching a movie that has lasted far too long. Call me a fuddy-duddy purist if you want but these last two World Series rank as two of the least entertaining and I predict huge low ratings in years to come.

What is MLB going to do when Minnesota and Colorado get in (say in 2010) and the Twins are in their new open field in a snowstorm on Nov. 2 or in a snowy Colorado park in the same week?

I’ve never been caught walking naked in my sleep or otherwise — that I know of.  But when the next World Series goes 7 games I’m staying away from Travelodge hotels.


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