Don Imus Killed Santa Clause

It had been a wonderful weekend in Cleveland that will now forever be marred by Don Imus, the Santa Claus killer.

Three days hanging out in one of the best hotels downtown in the rockin’ town hosting the women’s NCAA Final Four Championship as well as the WNBA draft. Sat at the bar next to Bill Laimbeer and his wife, and had hor’dourves with Tree Rollins and lots of other wonderful semi-famous folks. Lots of fun, a great conference and then a few days later IT happened.

Not only did Don Imus use his ignorance to insult the talented and wonderful group of basketball players in addition to a whole race, the nincompoop went and killed Santa Clause, too! And as much as I disdain racial ignorance, overblown political correctness by attaching stigma to unrelated semantical use is a societal cancer.

I knew it would happen soon after his comments made on the radio that cost him his job. In fact, I predicted it long before the New York Post ran a “Ho, Ho, Ho: Imus gets last laugh” headline about Imus settling his lawsuit with the company that fired him.

So much for Santa! Read about it here.

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